Our new values statement

We were working with a new client when we realized that we recommend having a values statement — but we didn’t have one ourselves! Kind of a case of the shoemaker’s kids going barefoot.

The textbooks say that a values statement should represent the core priorities of the organization, and be reflected in the organization’s culture. These values can help set the direction for business planners, especially when it is needed to acknowledge non-profit concerns.

At Market Metrics, our values are:

Client satisfaction: We don’t just go through the motions. We are dedicated to providing real and meaningful value to our clients that satisfies their needs.

Listening: We treat clients with respect and actively listen to what they say.

Curiosity: We’re always curious to learn about your business, and apply what we learn for your benefit.

Substance: We value robust concepts, substantiated ideas, and facts — not fluff and hype.

Fair fees: Our fees are reasonably priced, and we offer special discounts for small businesses.

About Market Metrics

Market Metrics Inc. helps knowledge-based businesses with strategy, planning and innovation. We offer our clients a unique combination of top-shelf professional skills, competitive pricing, and real-world industry experience in business planning, marketing, and technology.

The consultancy was founded in 2003 by Greg Graham, a seasoned strategic marketing professional. Greg is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Management Consultants (FCMC), and an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASMEC) in the United States. He holds MBA/BEE degrees plus a Certificate in Strategic Management.

Prior to founding Market Metrics, Greg's 21 years of corporate experience encompassed tech start-ups through Fortune 500 companies. He is an expert in subscription-based business models (including SaaS). Greg frequently performs consulting engagements on behalf of the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).