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Our mission: Help your business prosper

Do you need to scope out a new opportunity? Plan a new product line? Fend off competitors? Seek funding from investors, banks, or funding agencies? Keep your shareholders in the loop?

Market Metrics can help. Since 2003, we’ve worked with dozens of software developers, manufacturers, and service providers to analyze markets, make decisions, set priorities, create effective strategies, and develop pragmatic action plans.

Our mission is to help your business grow and prosper, so you can step boldly into the future. We offer a full suite of strategic management services, and are experts in planning, innovation, and strategy for knowledge-based businesses.

Our approach: Focus on what your business needs to improve

Our straightforward 1-2-3 approach that puts you first and foremost. No salesy speaking in tongues!

  1. We have an initial discussion about your business challenges;
  2. We draft a custom proposal with a description of your situation, your challenge, and our recommended scope of work; and,
  3. You review the proposal, and we refine it together to suit your exact needs.

Then, we get to work. We help you with research, analysis, strategy formulation, innovation, and planning. The result is your market assessment, business plan, strategic plan, feasibility study, business case... whatever you need to succeed.

Our pricing: Competitive -- and no surprises

We are one of the few consulting firms that prefer to do projects for a fixed fee rather than on an hourly basis. Our prices are competitive, and there's no meter running.

Our clients like it better that way too -- they know exactly what to expect.

Our results: 100% client satisfaction!

After a project is done, we invite clients to participate in our Client Satisfaction Survey.

We’re proud to say the results are clear: Our clients unanimously say we provide high-quality work, our prices are competitive, and they would work with us again.

  • 100% of respondents said we addressed their business issues
  • 100% said we delivered what we promised
  • 100% said our work is better or much better than other consultants
  • 100% said they will be better off after they implement our recommendations
  • 100% said our fees were lower or about the same as other consultants
  • 100% said they would work with Market Metrics again

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