“Canadian Hosting Market Report, 2008 Edition” published exclusively by NBI

October 7, 2008 — Market Metrics and The Gottlieb Group today jointedly announced that their new study of the Canadian market for hosting services is now available exclusively from NBI/Michael Sone Associates.

The Canadian Hosting Market Report, 2008 Edition is a survey of the competitive landscape of the hosting market in Canada, defined as outsourced infrastructure operated in a data centre by a third-party. The report divides the market into three segments — collocation, shared hosting and managed hosting. In addition to estimates of the size of the Canadian total market, market segments and vendor market shares for the period 2006 to 2008, in-depth profiles of the ten leading hosting service providers active in Canada are provided, and major trends identified and discussed. The report is 88 pages in length with 20 detailed exhibits that provide comprehensive quantification and analysis.

Although this is the sixth consecutive year that Market Metrics has researched and authored studies for publication by NBI/Michael Sone Associates, and the seventh year for The Gottlieb Group, this report marks the first occasion that the two consultancies have collaborated on a research project.

Founded in 1977, NBI/Michael Sone Associates is a leading Canadian market research and consulting firm whose mission is to provide statistically-based, primary-sourced information on the Canadian telecommunications industry. NBI/Michael Sone Associates’ independent, full-service research information provides vital tools for strategic and market planning to service providers, equipment manufacturers, start-ups and the investment community. More information about NBI/Michael Sone Associates can be found at www.nbicanada.com

About The Gottlieb Group

In business since 1999, The Gottlieb Group specializes in the wireless and VoIP sectors, assisting telecom firms to navigate Canadian government and regulatory agencies, negotiate intercarrier agreements and assess the market for potential entry. This experience is buttressed by significant market analysis expertise, having successfully completed numerous major research projects for NBI/Michael Sone Associates.

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The consultancy was founded in 2003 by Greg Graham, a seasoned strategic marketing professional. Greg is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Management Consultants (FCMC), and an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASMEC) in the United States. He holds MBA/BEE degrees plus a Certificate in Strategic Management.

Prior to founding Market Metrics, Greg's 21 years of corporate experience encompassed tech start-ups through Fortune 500 companies. He is an expert in subscription-based business models (including SaaS). Greg frequently performs consulting engagements on behalf of the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).