Market Metrics provides strategy, innovation and planning services on a project or interim basis. We’re experts in strategy and planning, at the corporate level for corporate strategy, at the business unit level for business planning, and at the product level for product management.

Depending on your situation, you may need:

Our philosophy is that planning is about:

  1. setting goals;
  2. analyzing your company, market, and industry;
  3. formulating your strategy; and
  4. developing an action plan and budget to work from.

Some people don’t believe in the value of planning, but studies consistently show that companies with business plans perform better than those without them. We say that the best business ideas in the world might have started out on a napkin, but they didn’t succeed by staying that way!

If you firm has on-going needs for a period of time, we also provide interim and a Virtual Chief Strategy Officer (VCSO) service.

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