Business Plans

We think every business needs an articulated business plan — a deliberate and purposeful plan that is agreed to by the management team, written down, and shared.

All business plans must:

  1. communicate your business vision;
  2. articulate your specific business goals and objectives; and,
  3. demonstrate you have a sound strategy to achieve them.

The benefits of having an articulated business plan

It’s the most valuable communication tool you can use to share your business concept with your stakeholders — your partners, bankers, potential investors, management team, and any key personnel you are recruiting. Sometimes even suppliers want to see a business plan before extending credit, or forging deeper relationships.

Bottom line, a business plan is ESSENTIAL to get financing to launch or expand your business.

When do you need a business plan?

  • Reassure potential investors that investing in your business is a sound decision;
  • Demonstrate that you can pay back a loan;
  • Inform stakeholders how you can revitalize your business if sales are declining or your market is in decline;
  • Reorganize your business to give you more time away from it;
  • Justify the value of your business so you can sell it for a good price; or,
  • Illustrate your succession plan so you can retire.

It’s no wonder that many businesses don’t have a plan — putting one together is hard work. We typically base a business plan on a feasibility study or strategic plan, and trim it down for an external audience. That way you have your thinking in place, and get a communications tool as well.

Why Market Metrics?

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