Strategic Plans

Strategy is about ensuring that what you do today yields the best possible tomorrow… about moving from your business’ current situation to your vision of the future. That means you’ll have to:

  • Articulate your long-term vision, with specific goals and objectives;
  • Develop plans to achieve that vision with actionable activities;
  • Allocate resources — meaning people, facilities, and money — to implement these plans;
  • Execute your plans effectively; and,
  • Monitor and communicate your progress to your stakeholders.

This impacts all areas of your business

Your PRODUCT PORTFOLIO will need to be road-mapped, developed, and tweaked with new features to stay competitive.

Your SALES AND MARKETING group will need a pricing strategy, sales messages, distribution channels, creative materials, and website development.

And whether your MANUFACTURING is internal or outsourced, your products need to be made, and old products obsoleted, with consideration for quality, COGS, and inventory.

If you need to hire more people, HUMAN RESOURCES will be involved.

What’s all this going to cost? FINANCE will need a budget.

Finally, how will you PROJECT MANAGE it?

All these items (and more) have to be considered and integrated into a cohesive strategic plan.

Together, we’ll help you efficiently develop strategy and tactics — a strategic plan, an integrated action plan, and a supporting budget — that you can work from, and measure your progress against.

Why Market Metrics?

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